How To Videos

A great place to start learning the capabilities of your new Metro-Hosted VoIP phone system!

Commportal Training


This video will show you how to log into your Commportal account and make changes to how your phone works. You can also listen to voicemails, manage contacts, setup voicemail to email forwarding, start a meeting (if you have Accession Meeting) etc.


Commportal Training


This tutorial covers the essentials for all Admins. Manage your users/employees by resetting their password, configure auto attendants, change extensions, view call logs, change music-on-hold, modify short codes, and more.


Accession Mobile App

The Accession Mobile app allows you to make and receive work calls on your cell phone from anywhere with cell reception or WiFi. This tutorial covers the basics on how to use the app - like making calls, answering calls, switching from your desk-phone to your cell phone during an active call and vise-versa.


Accession Desktop

Accession Desktop is the desktop version of Accession Mobile. Download the program and use your computer as your work phone!



Metro Communications is an established regional Internet services provider that builds and operates fiber optic network serving the Wireless, Enterprise, Education and Wholesale markets.  Founded in 2000, the firm manages fiber-optic network in multiple Central Illinois counties and continues to expand into new markets annually. 

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