Metro Communications currently offers the following services:

  • PSTN and enhanced originated voice termination via 20+ vendors including direct TDM SS7 interconnects to all Tier 1s
  • Switched origination and hand back services
  • CLEC based offerings for carrier and enterprise customers
  • IP voice services including termination, codec conversion and TDM to IP conversion
  • Multi-protocol signaling conversion for SIP, H.323, SS7, SIGTRAN (M3UA,M2PA) and PRI
  • Toll free least cost routing and toll free PSTN origination
  • Multiple OCx level interconnects to IXCs provide for cost effective TDM backhaul from 5,000+ on-net buildings
  • The ability to connect to our redundant SBCs over multihomed (BGP) IP facilities or via Layer 2/Ethernet from multiple providers
  • Wholesale directory assistance